Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for Nintendo Wii

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for Nintendo Wii
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Modern Warfare ™ is back. What began in the U.S. has lit the world on fire. Now in World War III, only the stakes match the firepower, and stopping this ever-escalating global conflict will take players on a cinematic thrill-ride as only Call of Duty can deliver.

The Epic Single Player Campaign:

Picking up at the thrilling conclusion of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, players must defend borders foreign and domestic as an unceasing foreign invasion threatens to submerge the world into chaos.

The Definitive Multiplayer Experience Evolves:
  • Killstreaks: Killstreaks have been redesigned to reward different play styles and skill levels through unique Strike Packages. Completing game mode objectives now counts towards your Pointstreak progression.
  • New Game Modes: Fan favorite game modes make their return, and a series of new modes make their introduction:
    • Kill Confirmed: Collect dog tags from killed players and prevent the other team from getting yours.
    • Team Defender: Grab the flag and protect the flag carrier to increase your score.
  • Unprecedented Customization:
    • Players can create new, customizable game modes as well as new modes for private matches and share modes with friends.
    • Through ELITE, subscribers can vote on favorite new modes and those modes could make their way into public playlists.

    Special-Ops Mode Reinvented:

    Spec-Ops now introduces Survival Mode, an action-packed combat progression unlike any other.
    • Survival Mode: The New Special Ops mode in which players face wave upon wave of attacking enemies.
    • Mission Mode: Makes its return, allowing players to team up with a friend locally or online for 16 new missions.
    • Ranking/Progression System: An independent rank progression system within Special Ops which spans both Mission and Survival based on the rank progression players encounter in multiplayer.